25 Recipes from the African Diaspora

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25 Delicious Recipes from the African Diaspora including Africa, the Caribbean & Latin America.

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in America and in just a few weeks we will begin a month of celebration of contributions from the African Diaspora.

It really is a shame that because so little attention is played to the accomplishments and contributions of African descended people that we had to legislate to have only 1 month in recognition of a whole race of people across the planet.

Regardless, in my own way, I like to highlight the cuisines of the African diaspora during this time.

So what exactly is it?

What is the concept of the African diaspora?

Ask 10 different people what this means to them and you will get at least a few different explanations. So let’s break it down!

A diaspora is a scattered population whose geographical location lies in a different place.

Yeah – I would say that’s true for most black people. Due to colonization and widespread slavery, the African diaspora extends from Brazil to Jamaica to Georgia to London and even India & Pakistan.

Yes! There is a group of people known as Siddi who live in certain regions of India & Pakistan, descended from the Bantu people of southeast Africa.

Particular foods became specific to these communities, regardless of what country they reside in. The leftover scraps, usually cuts of meat the master would not eat, is what was given to slaves and black populations.

Using the spices from Africa, in every country, African descended people were able to create delicious foods from basic ingredients.


More slaves were brought to Latin America than the United States!

For example, dried salted cod, also known as bacalao or bacalhau in Brazil has become quite an “exotic” ingredient and is a slowly trending food item. However, this was given to slaves as fresh fish would never be given to them.

Now we make delicious things like Fish Cakes (bacalaitos in the Latin Caribbean) or Caribbean style breakfast with it.

Web Story

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You can also check out this collection as a Web Story!

In this compilation of African Diaspora food, I have included something for every one – whether you are looking for an awesome spice mix to flavor up daily meals or healthy African Vegetarian Recipes or decadent desserts!

I hope you will explore these diverse cuisines and try at least one of these delicious recipes from the African diaspora during Black History Month.

Here are the recipes you need to make during Black History Month!

25 African Diaspora Recipes

Spice Mix Recipes



Main Dishes

Side Dishes


25 Recipes from the African Diaspora

25 Recipes from Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean to represent the diverse cuisines of the African diaspora.

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  1. My family is from Cabo Verde so I connected so much with this roundup! I’ve tried a lot of dishes on this list but there are so many that I haven’t tried that I look forward to! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I’m obsessed with this round-up! The Bajan Cou Cou and Haitian Pate were incredible, so I will definitely be returning to make more from this list.

  3. An awesome round up of dishes that are a part of the African Culture, be it in Africa or other continents. African dishes are generally prepared with simple ingredients and yet are so tasty and nutritious too. Kelewele has caught my attention and am excited to try it out. Mireille you’ve included a dish from my country Kenya…yeah!!

  4. 5 stars
    Wow such lovely collection of recipes. Can’t wait to go start cooking my way through this list. Got to know about many new recipes and about the culture. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What an interesting and informative read on African diaspora and their cuisine. I can’t take my eyes off the clicks. All the recipes in this collection sound so delicious. I think I’ll start exploring with Creole Chicken and root vegetables roast.

  6. A highly illuminating and informative read, Mireille. And these recipes from the African diaspora are simply amazing. I especially love the Majarete, the corn pudding!

  7. Hi. I am a storyteller and I love your site and would like to direct attention to it. What an important tool for celebrating heritage! I would like to show/share some of the videos and recipes to small groups which they can link back to this website. Please email me directly with your response including any names/credits in particular that you would like mentioned.

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