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Partner with Chef Mireille – recipe developer, writer, and photographer for Global Kitchen Travels.

Perks of Partnering with a Brand Influencer

Partnering with an influencer as a part of your marketing strategy will allow you to showcase your product in use by real people in real life situations. There is an authenticity in this that customers find relatable. However, there’s much more to a sponsored partnership…

The reach is infinite. Influencers leverage social channels, blog followers and a curated mailing list to get their content in front of real people in an authentic way. The possibilities of the content’s reach is what makes influence marketing so unique and valuable.

All the time consuming research of content marketing is done for you. Chef Mireille incorporates SEO research and trends and leverages best practices on all major social media channels.

The value of marketing from a source the customer already trust is infinite.

The Global Kitchens Travel Audience

The GKT audience is a diverse group of followers who above all things, are foodies and travelers.

Homemade recipes, utilizing mostly natural food products to get healthy and delicious food on the table, while learning about other cultures in the process via travel and education resources that reinforce geography, history & cultural learning for kids.

They are global citizens, who pride themselves on being culturally aware and choose their food products and food experiences ethically being kind to the environment.

Although the recipes cover a wide range of culinary diets, a big part of the audience is Vegetarian.

What Kinds of Products Work Best with the GKT Audience

  • Food Products
  • Cooking Tools and Accessories
  • Baking Tools and Accessories
  • Cooking & Kitchen Products that eliminate waste
  • Educational Resources that encourage global learning

Ways to Partner with Chef Mireille

Chef Mireille is a trained chef who spent many years working in professional kitchens, honing her culinary expertise and recipe development skills. With her 15+ years of experience, there are many ways to partner with her to leverage your brand.

  • Sponsored Partnership
    • Chef Mireille incorporates SEO Research to develop recipes to highlight your brand’s product and reach. Services include recipe development, photography and videography and leveraging Chef Mireille’s blog audience, social reach and mailing list.
  • Product Ambassador
    • Chef Mireille can represent your company as a demonstration chef for media appearances and trade shows.
    • Your product can be highlighted on a continuous basis via social media channels, blog posts and the curated mailing list.
  • Cookbook Recipe Testing & Reviews
  • Photography & Videography Services
    • Clients include restaurants, food bloggers, food trucks and other culinary or related products.
  • Product Reviews

Brand Assets for Multi Channel Marketing

As a GKT partner,  you will receive the high-resolution photo files used in the recipe. These photos will carry an authentic, lifestyle feeling yet will be professionally styled and lighted. You will receive rights to use these images on your website, for marketing materials as well as on your own social media platforms. All images rights are shared, unless otherwise contracted.

Take a look at the gallery for some photography samples!

Gallery Page

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