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Chef Mireille is a classically trained chef with many years of experience teaching kids international recipes that reinforce geography, history and math skills. This food and travel blog focuses on traditional recipes from around the world so that you can use these resources as a teaching tool for your families.

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Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese Walnut Cookies with Chinese New Year decorations

Chinese New Year

Learn about Chinese New Year traditions and symbolism and a collection of over 20 Chinese New Year recipes from China and Southeast Asia and even Indo-Chinese recipes!

Includes an Infographic Download for more info!

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Airbnb – Quarantine Staycation Ideas

Airbnb - Quarantine StaycationGet a change of scenery, explore a new neighborhood - right in your own city! Some of you may follow me only for delicious recipes and some may have followed me because of the travel content I provide. However, I think most of you read my blog for both. During these challenging times, there has been a dearth of travel content. Why write ...

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Photography Services

Chef Mireille provides food photography services for brands, magazines and other food bloggers. Check out the gallery for samples and contact information!


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Getting Around Bangkok - Public Transportation Guide

Getting Around Bangkok – Public Transportation Guide

Getting Around Bangkok - Public Transportation GuideHere are all the options for getting around Bangkok and how to navigate them all. Growing up in a large city where the majority of the population travels by public transportation, navigating public transportation systems is second nature to me. From Bangkok to Paris to Singapore & Amsterdam, one perusal of the ...

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