Kuku – Kenyan Chicken Mung Bean Stew

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Last Updated on May 20, 2020 by Chef Mireille

Kuku – Kenyan Chicken Mung Bean Stew is a perfect meal with rice or chapati. Kenya is an African country with a large Indian population and you can definitely see the Indian influence in this African dish.

Kuku - Kenyan Chicken Mung Bean Stew

African cuisine is very diverse and varied, with different colonial influences from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and England. Additionally, many countries of Africa have large Indian populations including Kenya, South Africa and Uganda (until the Idi Amin dictator in Uganda). 

In fact, the first time I realized this was about 10 years ago when I met an Indian person from Kenya although his family was originally from Goa. Vivek spoke perfect Swahili and it was amazing to see him switch from Swahili to his African friends and then back to another language with Indian friends and of course English to me and others. When we all went out, it was like a meeting of the United Nations. This is when I learned how deep and long the history of Indians in Africa is and they have left their mark on the cuisine.

This is a protein packed Chicken Dinner with both chicken and mung beans. All you need is a bowl of steamed rice of chapati and dinner is on!

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  1. Anjule

    How many tomatoes do you use to make this dish? I’m at the store now getting ingredients and realized it’s not shown😬

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