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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

For NYC foodies, there is no other season like summertime.  Summertime brings weekly street fairs and festivals full of foods by local purveyors as well as well known restaurants.  Some of the festivals focus on other cultural activities as well.  Not to mention, our annual Summertime Restaurant Week!!! 

Here is a comprehensive Resource Guide for the upcoming summer events.  Please support our local food artisans and eat your way through our wonderful city!!!


June 11th – Pushcart Market – some of the best street food vendors will be all here, at one market, including Vendy Award winner, Biryani Cart.

June 13th – Japan Block Fair – featuring food, shopping and performances to highlight Japanese culture

June 14th – June 20th – Malaysian Restaurant Week – 3 course pre-fixe meals for $20.10 at restaurants featuring Asian Cuisine

July 12 – July 25 – NYC Restaurant Week – 3 course pre-fixe meals for $24.10 (lunch) and $35.00 (dinner)


June 11th -Tribeca Food Festival – (on West Broadway from Beach – Leonard Street)

June 12th – Lower Third Avenue Summer Festival – (on 3rd Avenue from 6th – 14th Street)

June 13th – New York City Expo – (on 3rd Avenue from 23rd – 34th Street)

June 19th – Times Square Expo  – (on Broadway from 47th – 57th Street)

June 20th – The Turtle Bay Festival  – (on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 54th Street)

June 25th – Grand Central Station Festival – (on 43rd St. from Lexington – 3rd Avenue)

June 26th – 6th Avenue Summerfest – (on 6th Avenue from 23rd – 33rd Street)

June 27th – Times Square Block Party – (on 46th Street from Broadway – 8th Avenue)

July 3rd  – USO – Avenue of the Americas Summerfest – (on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street)

July 4th  – The Great July 4th Festival – (on Water from Fulton – Broad Street)

July 9th – Financial Community Day Festival – (on Broad St. from Water – South Street)

July 10th – Park Avenue Summerfest – (on Park Avenue South from 17th – 23rd Street)

July 11th – NYC Celebration of Nations Festival – (on Madison Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street)

July 17th – East Side Summer Festival – (on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street)

July 18th – NYC Unfolds Street Fair – (on Broadway from Houston – Grand Street)

July 24th – Washington Sq. Summer Fair – (on Bleecker St. from Broadway – 6th Ave. )

July 24th – Central Park Summerfest – (on 60th St. from Madison – 5th Ave. )

July 25th – 52nd Association Jazz Festival – (on 52nd Street from Lexington – 7th Avenue)

July 31st – Festival of the Americas – (on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street)

August 7th – Greenwich Village Festival – (on Greenwich Avenue from 6th – 7th Avenue)

August 8th – Lexington Avenue Summerfest  – (on Lexington Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street)

August 14th – Summer Seaport Festival – (on Water Street from Fulton – Broad Street)

August 15th – Madison Avenue Summer Fair – (on Madison Avenue from 42nd – 57th Street)

August 20th – Grand Central Summer Festival – (on 43rd Street from Lexington – 3rd Avenue)

August 21st- The Great Irish Festival  – (on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street)

September 5th – The 26th Annual Brazilian Day Festival  – (on 6th Ave. from 42nd – 56th St. & on 46th St. from Madison – 7th Ave.)

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