10 Chinese New Year Recipes

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10 Chinese New Year Recipes to celebrate the Lunar Festival from Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese Cuisine!

In 2021, we are celebrating the Year of the Ox.

On February 12th, people around the world will be celebrating the Lunar Festival. Chinese New Year Parades usually occur from New York City to Penang. This year it will not be the same, but you can still celebrate the Lunar Festival at home with these Asian Recipes to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Not only in China, but the celebration occurs around the world in all cities with large Chinese descended populations.

Cooking up delicious Chinese dishes on Chinese New Year is one way you can use to educate your families about this cultural festival. Teach your kids about the significance and the symbolism of some of the foods like longevity noodles for a long life or nian gao for family cohesiveness.

Especially if you home school your kids, this is a great opportunity to created added value to their education in a fun way. Get them involved if you can and let them help you cook a Chinese New Year meal together!

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Here are some foods to cook to celebrate Chinese New Year and their significance!

Chinese New Year Foods

  • Longevity Noodles – longevity and happiness (use longevity noodles in this stir fry)
  • Fish or Shrimp/Prawns – prosperity
  • Dumplings & Spring Rolls – wealth
  • Tangyuan (Sweet Rice Balls) – family togetherness (although the steamed version is more traditional, this Southeast Asian style fried version is equally delicious)
  • Citrus Fruits – fullness and wealth
  • Nian Gao – Coconut Sticky Rice Cake (an easy baked version, although steaming method is most traditional)

Download Chinese New Year Infographic

I’ve also put together this fabulous Info Sheet you can print to teach your families about the symbolism and traditions of the Lunar Festival.

Here are some more Chinese and Southeast Asian Recipes to celebrate Chinese New Year!

10 Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese New Year Recipes

10 Chinese New Year Recipes from across Asia and Southeast Asia to celebrate the Lunar Festival

a few tools that might come in handy for these recipes

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  1. I LOVED that you included an infographic in this post. My kiddos and I have been exploring cultures since we can’t GO explore and this was a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year in Texas.

  2. Some of the best food I’ve ever experienced was in Hong Kong. I looved the cultural lesson and look forward to trying to make these dumplings!

  3. I made the red curry milk bao buns and wow! They were truly amazing!! So much flavor and much easier to make than I thought. Thanks for showing us so many amazing recipes!

  4. I had a mini get together at my home this past weekend and chose to make s these dishes. everyone loved it and it was so fun trying to create a cuisine I have yet to conquer

    • WOW – I can’t believe you tried so many in one weekend. I usually test them out first by myself before I would have the courage to cook for other people with first try recipes so kudos to you with your courage!

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