12 Pancake Recipes

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Last Updated on March 24, 2020 by Chef Mireille

12 Pancake Recipes

12 Pancake Recipes – both Sweet & Savory from around the world. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or snack time – a pancake for every meal!

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Now that you are home and your kids are at home because of the current world crisis, meal planning just became a lot more arduous. Not only for regular meal times, but when kids are bored, they will often say they are hungry.

Not only do you have to keep the boredom at bay with activities so they don’t do this too often, but now the work parents have to do for meal times and snack times just became more time consuming.

Pancakes are one of the easiest things you can teach your kids to make. As many of you know, I also teach nutrition based culinary classes to kids in an after school program.

Kids as young as 7 can be taught to make pancakes. If you don’t feel comfortable with them managing the heat, you can turn the stove on and control the flame.

However, mixing a few ingredients together and cooking some pancakes up on a griddle is something even small children can manage. With that being said, not every 7 year old is the same.

You know your child, You know how responsible they are. You know how conscious they are of details and being able to multi task. You need to decide whether this is a task you think your child can do independently after a few teaching sessions with you or whether they still need supervision.

However, if you can teach them to make some pancakes for themselves, when they get hungry they don’t need to bother you.

This is a collection of both sweet and savory pancakes that can serve for any meal or snack time. I hope your markets still have these supplies. My local supermarket didn’t have any flour when I went a few days ago. Hopefully, you had some reserve flour in your pantry and making some of these pancakes is no problem!

12 Pancakes - Sweet & Savory

pancakes with text
photo of spinach pancakes on plate with text

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  1. Oh my, these pancakes all look so delicious, and what a variety. It’s like having a mini vacation around the world making each of these. 🙂

  2. Great variety of pancakes. It will be great to dive into some of these from other cultures. I’m going to use make a few of these and make it part of our home school geography class.

  3. I love savoury pancakes so was excited to see different variations in your blog. All the pancakes look delicious. Lots of ideas to try whilst we are indoors.

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