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Get inspired with cooking videos and more!

Recipe Index

All recipes can easily be found in this user searchable Recipe Index. If you can’t find a recipe, just slide into my DM and I will send you a direct link!

Travel Index

Travel Tips, Restaurant Reviews and other travel related content can be found in the Travel Index.

Kids Korner

One of the main goals of this blog is to embrace the concept of being a global citizen. One way of insight into other cultures is to embrace their cuisines.

Bringing your kids into the kitchen with you not only teaches them a life skill, but it is a vehicle to reinforce math, geography and history.

I’ve designed some easy one sheeter printables that you can easily put on your refrigerator.

When you cook a cuisine of a different country, have your kids find it on a map or a globe. then you can all go over some fun facts about each country!

Get access to them now!