Haitian History in Savannah

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Haitian History in Savannah. Discover Haitian contribution to the American Revolution. Without them assisting in the Savannah siege, we may not have gained our independence from the British.

#TravelTuesday - Haitian History in Savannah

Savannah is such a historical city. A tour guide isn’t necessary with history at every step. Just walk through the city and read the plaques of the monuments and squares and you’ll discover’s Savannah’s history. One day of my trip in Savannah I decided to just stroll the city and learn the history at my leisure. I started at the end furthest away from my hotel and ended at the end by Savannah City Market, a 4 block open air market. I was exhausted and ready to rest up at the hotel for a bit before I went out to dinner and then I noticed one last statue. I almost bypassed it because I was so exhausted I figured it was just another statue. But then I said I’ve come this far – just cross the street even though my feet fell like they were going to fall off and I was so glad I did.

I discovered that Haiti played a part in the American Revolution. Being half Haitian, I was so glad to discover this part of Haitian history that I previously had no idea about. The largest regiment of African descended people who fought in the American Revolution were from Haiti. These were freed slaves who volunteered to help America to hold on to Savannah against British forces. They were 1/10 of the forces that fought in the 6 week siege in September-October of 1779. Many of the soldiers who fought in the American Revolution returned to Haiti and were instrumental in helping Haiti become the first black free nation to win their independence from colonialism in 1804.

With the national debate that has ensued over the past year regarding statues from Civil War, this is one statue I am happy to represent and support. When you visit Savannah, make sure to note the statue in Franklin Square and read the history of this important regiment to the history of Savannah and America. Haitians have a long history in America as many of the soldiers from this regiment did stay in the United States and never return home. Haitian contributions to this country include a big part in the culture and traditions of New Orleans. So the next time someone asks what contributions Haitians have made to the United States. Forget about the doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and civil servants, but you can remind people that Haiti helped created the United States of America by fighting in the American Revolution.

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#TravelTuesday - Haitian History in Savannah

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