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I create content for 3 reasons: Food, Travel and Blogging Tips. If you fit into one of these 3 areas, welcome and I’m glad to meet you!

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Kuih DadarAre you a foodie? Are you a global foodie? Like to add interesting new recipes from around the world to add to your meals? If you are interested in international recipes and like to learn about history and culture around the world by cooking delicious food, then you’re going to love my recipes!

My recipes are easy to follow, usually providing step by step photos and occasionally accompanied by instructional cooking videos. I also help you source ingredients here at home that you may have discovered in your international travels.

My recipes are usually full of historical information and context. It will give you an opportunity to learn about a different culture. Maybe you’re a teacher? Looking for a fun way to teach your students about history and culture? In fact, that’s how I started doing this….but we’ll get to that later…

As a sample, have you ever thought about the Viking diet and how they conquered the world all the way to Morocco? Check out one of my most popular posts on Viking culture and an easy quickbread recipe!

Check out the Recipe Index for our guide to over 1000 globally inspired recipes!

New recipes are published a few times a week.

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TravelDo you like to travel and interested in learning travel tips, travel guidance and information about different locales around the world?

Want to know about the must try restaurants around the world and in NYC?

Coming from an extremely diverse family, I have been traveling since I was a child. With my experience in traveling, I have learned how to design my trips to not only get the most value for my $ but customize them for my particular interests. A little research and planning before you leave and you can ensure every trip, big or small,  becomes a dream vacation.

One of my most popular travel posts is all about Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Have you ever considered visiting Dominica? Here is an overview of what you can expect when you visit!

Do you live in NYC? So do I, therefore, a lot of my Restaurant Reviews are about NYC Restaurants. Check out one of our newest additions – Khe-Yo, the only Lao eatery in NYC!

A new Travel post is published once a week.

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Blogging Tips

Are you overwhelmed by everything you need to learn to be a blogger? SEO? Social Media Management? Plug Ins? Hosting?

After many years of blogging, my friends and other bloggers were often asking me for tips, advice and answers to their questions. I started publishing Blogging Tips to help other bloggers with answers to questions I wish I had before I got started. A new Blogging Tips post is published biweekly.

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A Little About Me…

I come from an extremely diverse family with members from India, China, Indonesia, the Netherlands and the complete Caribbean diaspora. Learning about different cultures and food has always been of interest to me. I think it’s because I was exposed to so much as a child when visiting family would come or we would go to visit family in different countries. This interest grew and developed as I got older to learn even about cultures that weren’t in my family tree.

As the world has gotten smaller because of the internet and evil people have wreaked a lot of heartache and damage in the world, some people run to their corners out of fear or ignorance, I am the opposite. I don’t judge an entire culture of people based on the actions of a few crazy individuals, as I wouldn’t want to be judged as a representative of my country, but instead as an individual. I wanted to learn about people, culture, traditions and foods I knew nothing about.

As a trained chef, I wanted to use my experience and training to educate people about different cultures using the vehicle I knew best – food! Breaking Bread with international recipes and even better with people of different cultures is the easiest way to do my little part to break down biases and encourage tolerance.

I later became a culinary instructor and was involved in a program teaching culinary classes in an after school program. I was surprised how little exposure kids have to different foods, even in a city as diverse and multi cultural as NYC. I’ve met adults who have never tasted a mango! To me, this is part of the problem and what creates intolerance when people know nothing about each other.

This has contributed to my goal to educate about different people’s cultures and histories using the vehicle of food. What better way for both kids and adults to learn – than by taking a fun cooking class or trying a new recipe and loving it?

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Professional Services

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Are you interested in FREE STUFF?

Check out my useful downloadable Cheat Sheets to help you become a better International Cook, Traveler & Blogger!

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