Blogging Tips – Pinterest Tips & Tricks – 5 Pinterest Hacks

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Blogging Tips - 5 Pinterest HacksBlogging Tips – Pinterest Tips & Tricks – 5 Pinterest Hacks – Learn the tricks to make Pinterest work for you!

After many years of blogging, I’ve learned that you have to dedicate as much time to Social Media as creating your posts. If you’re a food blogger, this can be very challenging as it takes us a lot of time to creating a recipe post. First it’s developing the recipe on paper. Then it’s cooking and tweaking. Sometimes the recipe has to be redone to fine tune it. Then it’s the photo session. NOT DONE YET. There is still the photo editing and writing the introduction. Most of us know that we need at least a 300 word intro to make Google SEO happy. On average, one post can take you at least 4 hours. However, all that work will not yield results if you don’t spend equal time promoting your work on social media.

Pinterest is the most visual of social media platforms. If you are going to focus on just one social media platform, as a food blogger Pinterest is most likely the one that will drive the most traffic to your blog. I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts and reading lots of posts on how to bring your Pinterest work to the next level. After all that research work, I am sharing everything I’ve learned and have started to implement so you can also maximize your Pinterest audience.

Pinterest Tips & Tricks

  • Sharing is Caring – Not only should you be pinning your own blog posts, but also repin other posts. This is how to get more followers. If someone sees you pinning their content, they will often reciprocate bringing your pins to a larger audience. Joining Pinterest group boards is a great way to find content to repin as well as posting your own content to a larger audience.
  • Consistency – You have to really be consistent in posting. You can’t post one day because it’s a slow day for you and then it’s a week later before posting again. You want to post several times a day – both your content and others. There are a few scheduling tools to help you manage this. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t free. The best one, which I have been using is Tailwind. It costs $10/month. The best thing is pick out one day a week and schedule your week’s Pinterest posts and then you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week. With Tailwind, you can also join Tailwind Tribes which increases your post visibility and sharing.
  • Pin Sizes – You definitely want to use vertical pins. With the help of Canva, you can format your photos so that they fit into the Pinterest size formats. Right now long pins are being promoted widely, however social media algorithims are constantly changing. I recommend including one regular Pinterest pin in your blog posts and then add an extra long hidden post. You can find out how to create and hide the extra long posts in this tutorial. For every blog post, you will have two pins on Pinterest – an extra long and a standard, increasing your chance of visibility.
  • Description – Make sure the description is entered in your pins. It should include the name of the recipe, a short description and hashtags with appropriate keywords.
  • Trends – Stay on top of trends to pin appropriate content. For example, right now Valentine’s Day & Superbowl recipes are popular. Pin recipes that you can include #valentinesday #superbowl #gameday and other like hashtags.

I hope you find these tips helpful and let me know if it’s yielding you better results by leaving a comment below!

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