Moroccan Recipes Roundup – 23 Recipes from Breakfast to Dessert

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Last Updated on January 18, 2018 by Chef Mireille

Moroccan Recipes Roundup - 23 Recipes from Breakfast to Dessert

Moroccan Recipes Roundup – 23 Recipes from Breakfast to Dessert – Recipes from the Blogging Marathon Bloggers representing the diverse cuisine of Morocco.

Although located in North Africa, Morocco has a large Arabic population and this is represented in the cuisine. You will find many similarities between Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine. Having been colonized by the French, there is also much French influence with every Moroccan chef being skilled in mirepoix and quiche. The meze, a collection of small plates served as a meal, is quite popular. Here are some recipes for you to easily prepare your meze.

Moroccan cuisine has always been one of the favorites. It has many influences from French to Arabic – the true essence of fusion cooking. Last month, some fellow bloggers and I decided to further our knowledge of Moroccan cuisine. It’s way more evolved than just hummus, couscous and tagine. We’ve collected recipes for every course of the meal – from breakfast to dessert, including salads and condiments. There were a few repeats, but every blogger puts their own twist and style to the recipes so no two are ever identical. This allows you to pick and choose which version you like best. Looking to put together a Moroccan meze party? This is your one stop guide to complete the party!



Harcha by The Schizo Chef

Harcha by Cook’s Hideout

Baghrir – Moroccan Pancakes

Lemkhenfrer – Moroccan Honeycomb Pancakes



Meloui – Moroccan Flatbread

Khobz Mzaweq – Semolina Bread

Msemen – a Moroccan flatbread

Khobz dyal Zraa

Olive Bread



Creamy Tomato Soup

Roasted Carrot Soup

Red Lentil Soup

Salads & Side Dishes

Salads Sides

Carrot Salad by Cook’s Hideout

Carrot Salad by I Camp in my Kitchen

Taktouka – Bell Pepper Salad

Zaalouk – Eggplant Salad by SimplyTadka

Zaalouk – Eggplant Salad by Bread Therapy

Roasted Raz el Hanout Potatoes



Preserved Lemons

Raz el Hanout



Stuffed Dates

Ghoriba by Ribbons to Pastas

Ghoriba by The Schizo Chef

Moroccan Recipes Roundup

23 Moroccan Recipes from Breakfast to Dessert

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