Poseidon Bakery – Traditional Greek Pastries in NYC

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Poseidon Bakery – Traditional Greek Pastries in NYC – a staple in Hell’s Kitchen for almost 100 years.

Poseidon Bakery - Traditional Greek Pastries in NYC

One of the best reasons to travel to NYC is that you can feel as if you’ve done a world tour with just a visit to NYC. Malaysian food at Nyonya, Tibetan food at Cafe Tibet, Peruvian food at Urubamba, Thai food at Sripaphai, Soup Dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai, Yemeni cuisine at Yemen Cafe, South Indian Vegetarian cuisine at Tiffin Wallah, Sri Lankan food at New Asha or Russian food at Brighton Beach and so much more is just a quick subway ride away. It’s a lot cheaper using public transportation in NYC than buying a plane ticket to visit all these countries. Until your budget allows you to visit these countries, make the most out of your NYC visit by exploring all the international food we have to offer.

Poseidon Bakery

One place you can’t leave without a visit to is Poseidon Bakery.

Bakery LR

Poseidon Bakery has been cooking up Greek Pastries in NYC since 1923. Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, it is near the Theater District. Pick up some pastries here to take back to your hotel, where you can enjoy them with a cup of tea or coffee after you’ve taken in a Broadway show!

Although there are a few stools for you to sit down at, it’s more of a grab and go kind of place.

Although they have a few of the typical savory treats like Spanikopita, it’s their sweets that they are known for. If you’ve never had Greek desserts before, be prepared for a lot of honey and nuts.

Since Greek desserts are very sweet, you only need a few bites to feel your sweet tooth has been satisfied. It’s best to get your Poseidon treats to share as each piece is definitely enough for 2-3 people.

As I’ve made versions of Koularakia and Kourambiedes before, I was really excited to try some of the other treats that were new to me. However, we still couldn’t resist getting a few of these Greek classics.

Bakery LR 10

A friend and mine went and got a bunch of stuff and then came home and sampled everything together. Perfect way to celebrate a weekend brunch!
Bakery LR 9

Greek Pastries

My favorite was the Trigona stuffed with almonds and almond paste.
Pastel Birthday Photo Collage

Finikia I ended up not trying because I just didn’t have room for another bite after indulging in the other pastries., but my friend did. She said it was good, but very sweet. However, she just may not be used to the sweet levels of Greek pastries.
Bakery LR 2

Pastelli is the Greek version of brittle, with almonds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. I loved this version of brittle. Not sure if some rose water or orange blossom water was added, but it had a great flavor.
Bakery LR 6

There were a few other options that I did not purchase and will have to try the next time. Of course, they had baklava,,,but so much more…

Saragli, stuffed with walnuts and almonds.
Bakery LR 3

Kataif made with walnuts, cashews and almonds inside shredded phyllo.
Bakery LR 4

Afali with pistacchios.
Bakery LR 5


Poseidon Bakery
629 9th Avenue, NYC
(212) 757–6173

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  1. Wow. This looks like a gorgeous place. I haven’t head about traditional greek bakeries till now. Thanks for sharing about it. Kataif, Koularakia and Kourambiedes surely sound very fascinating. Would love to read its recipe.

  2. This is so cool and all the pastries look delicious! I’ve never heard of any Greek bakery before especially not in NYC, but would love to try out some pastries if I ever visit New york 🙂

  3. From baklava to loukoumades, these delicious desserts are worth falling in love with 🙂 Had I been closer I would have loved to visit the Poseidon Bakery. Commonly called 1:2:3:4, the Greek halva is quite similar to our Indian Sooji ka Halwa except perhaps for the fact that instead of green cardamom used to scent Indian Halwa as a finishing, cinnamon powder is used in the Greek sweet.

  4. Kataif and baklava are some of my favourite Greek treats, but they are very sweet. I love the crunch of the pastry and the texture of the nuts. This bakery sound like a “must visit” stop. I would be a regular customer if I lived close by. 🙂

  5. Wow.. Never knew NY has such a lovely market to go around looking for food. Poseidon Bakery looks awesome and there are so many varieties of sweets and baked items to choose from. I would love to try out Saragli – it looks delicious. Actually, everything seems mouth-watering!

  6. Ah This makes me want to go back to Greece! I lived on Crete for 6 months and loved the food! Just seeing the pictures make me want to go back and I can just taste it behind my screen!

    Now I have another reason to go back to New York. Try all these restaurants and learn the different kitchens!

  7. These Greek pastries looks sooo yummy! I would love to have the Afali and kataif recipes from this bakery?
    Thank you

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