Nectarine Chutney Halloumi Wrap

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Last Updated on January 12, 2020 by Chef Mireille

Nectarine Chutney Halloumi Wrap is a great summertime lunch with contrasting colors, flavors and textures.


Nectarine Chutney Halloumi Wrap

This week I am presenting some easy wraps to put together. If it’s as hot as it is where you are as it is here in NYC, getting in and out of the kitchen quickly is ideal right? If so, these easy but filling wraps are a great option for lunch!

What Makes a Great Wrap?

  • Varying Textures – something soft, something crunchy, something fresh, something spicy, something smoky – Different flavors and textures help to make your wrap memorable.
  • A Fabulous Condiment – Sometimes one and sometimes several condiments can really make a wrap. If you have some really flavorful condiments or sauces, really all you need is some fresh veggies and an instantly delicious wrap can be made.

This Nectarine Chutney Halloumi Wrap has all of the above components to make a simple yet delicious wrap.

Wrap Components

  • a spicy and smoky chutney
  • pan seared halloumi adds cooling dairy
  • fresh and vibrant baby spinach also adds a little crunch and cool
  • crunchy cucumber batons adds texture

Make the chutney in advance so it’s ready when you want to put together a quick lunch!

Nectarine Chutney


It’s been in the 90’s or close to it for over a week now and we in the NYC area are melting in the scorching heat. Today it went up to 93 F. Who wants to cook in this heat? This simple chutney is ready in just 30 minutes. Add some fresh ingredients and lunch is ready in a snap. If you’d like, add some more ingredients to make it more filling – maybe some fresh summer corn or grated carrots/beets. As long as you can fit it all in the wrap, why not?

You’ll notice there are no quantities in the recipe below because it’s all up to you and can be customized according to personal preference.

These wraps are perfect to pack in the picnic basket or how about a July 4th party without the barbecue? It is possible! – I think your guests would appreciate some cooling foods in this heat!

Spicy Chutney not your thing? – It’s ok – here are some other condiments you can swap to still make a fabulous wrap!

Condiment Recipes

Wrap LR 1

Nectarine Chutney Halloumi Wrap
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Nectarine Chutney Halloumi Wrap

Prep Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Sandwiches & Wraps
Cuisine: Continental


  • nectarine chutney
  • pan seared halloumi
  • baby spinach leaves
  • cucumber batons
  • spinach garden herb wraps


  • Put a little of everything inside the wrap.
  • Wrap and roll.
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  1. Ever since I read about spinach wraps, I have been wanting to make them. Your filling sounds and looks fantastic…Wraps surely make a great meal!

  2. Can imagine how fabulous and filling this wrap will be. Simply love the addition of nectarine chutney here. Lovely flavors went in this wrap. Yummyilicious.

  3. Talk about the heat, Mir..OMG! Haven’t seen temperatures like 98 F, 103F etc ever in my neck of the woods. I would gladly make wraps like these to escape the regular cooking. Thankfully it is slightly manageable this weekend.

  4. wow, this wrap is really making me drolling over my screen. Nectarine chutney sounds great. I can imagine it sweet salty taste. Yummy. Mir a great share recipe.

  5. Everything in the wraps sounds bursting with exotic flavors and that nectarine chutney must have been the star of it.

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