Urban Organic Lacking in Customer Service

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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Although this is a company blog, all entries are written by one person me – the President. As my name is behind everything I endorse, I do not endorse anything without trying it on a personal level – I take my endorsements seriously.

Several months ago I advocated Urban Organic as a wonderful resource for organic produce which is delivered to your doorstep either weekly or bi-weekly. I am going to have to retract my endorsement, due to their lack of customer service.

Starting with delivery, they change the day of delivery at times without notice. So if you are not home on the new date of delivery, the box will sit on your doorstep until the next day, causing some of the products to lose quality – lettuce gets very limp after sitting out in a box all night. Which leads to next problem – the delivery itself.

When you sign up for the service, you are asked if you need an afternoon or an evening delivery. Your request is not honored – so I don’t know why they bother. My box would repeatedly arrive before I am home and sometimes when I happened to be home early, my box would usually be delivered around 3. It is just left on my doorstep or sometimes in the lobby of my building. There were even times when I was home and they did not bother to ring the doorbell. I was discussing this with a neighbor of mine in my building and she would repeatedly find the box outside her door, when she had been home the entire day. We live in a decent neighborhood with decent neighbors – but anybody could come and pick up the box of fresh, organic produce!

I have sent email requesting substitutions for items in my box that I do not like. My requests were not honored and since getting a live person on the phone is virtually impossible, after several attempts, there is no way to verify they receive your request.

The latest problem which is causing me to write this blog entry – I decided to stop service since I have recently joined the Food Coop where I have a variety of organic products at a convenient location. I called and left a message – a live person NEVER answers the phone. You are not given the option to wait to speak to someone. You leave a message and usually do not receive a return call until the next day. I was at a trade show that day at a location without cellphone coverage, therefore, I did not receive the message until it was after office hours. The message said they did not understand if I just wanted to next delivery canceled or if I wanted to permanently cancel. Instead of canceling the next delivery until they received a confirmation from me, they disregarded my message and made the delivery, causing me to have a ridiculous amount of produce because I had gone shopping at the Coop, thinking I would NOT be receiving a delivery.

Although it is a great service for those where fresh produce is not readily available, their lack of customer service may be worth you going out of your way to do your shopping – so that your box does not get stolen off of your doorstep!!

OK – enough venting – I promise my next blog will be back to the normal cheerful mode!!

Chef Mireille

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