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Last Updated on June 6, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Smorgachef is a wonderful little spot for a weekend brunch.  It is a small restaurant with a neighborhood feel to the place, frequented by locals.  You would need to be a local to find the place.  Stone Street stops on Broad Street and you can spend quite a while looking for where Stone Street continues, if you don’t know you have to go behind 85 Broad Street and you will find the rest of cobblestoned Stone Street.  They have 3 locations in the city, however, only the Stone Street location offers brunch.

Once you do find Smorgachef, I promise it will be a pleasurable experience.  Whether it is the Vanilla Waffles, Smoked Salmon Eggs Hollandaise or one of the hearty omellettes served with several ingredients (for example, ham, cheese, mushrooms, vine tomatoes and asparagus), everything is cooked using fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods, mildly flavored with herbs and spices contributing to delicious, flavorful food.  The buttery mashed potatoes served with all the savory entrees melt in your mouth.

Well worth your money, $16.95 includes one glass of champagne or one of their champane cocktails.  Their Smorga Champagne is a delicious cocktail, citrusy and sweet at the same time, flavored with peach and fresh lingonberries, which is a wonderful finish to the drink.  For an extra $10, you may have unlimited champage.  They leave the bottle on the table and you never have to wait for your next drink.  Service is very attentive – refilling your glass before it is empty.  Even though it is a small sized restaurant, they never rush you out.  You can linger for hours and you never feel like you are overstaying your welcome.  The Scandinavian hospitality has crossed the Atlantic at Smorgachef, so I recommend Smorgachef for a little bit of Sweden in NY!!!

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