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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

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Since many of my recipes include International products that you can’t always find at your local supermarket, here is a guide to International Shopping in the NYC area and online resources for those that don’t live in the area:

  • 9th Ave. International Foods, 543 9th Avenue, NYC – African, Greek, Middle Eastern
  • Asia Market Inc, 71 1/2 Mulberry Street, NYC – Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Vietnamese (fresh banana blossoms)
  • Bangkok Center Grocery, 104 Mosco Street, NYC – Thai and other Southeast Asian Products- (fresh galangal, lime leaves, Thai basil)
  • Lanka Grocery, 353 Victoria Blvd., Staten Island – Sri Lankan, Indian and Mexican products
  • Buon Italia, 75 9th Avenue (inside Chelsea Market) – European products, mostly Italian and French
  • Deluxe Food Market, 79 Elizabeth Street – Chinatown produce, meat, fish (game birds, Asian products, Chinese tea)
  • Family Fruit Farm, 1823 Church Avenue, Brooklyn – Caribbean produce and product (Breadfruit, calaloo, sorrel, Trini Green Seasoning, Kuchela, Shadoe Beny.  Outside Haitian women sell Haitian products – djon djon mushrooms)
  • Golan Gourmet, 1348 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn – Israeli products (dried fruits, nuts, figs, olives, dates, teas, coffee, fruits)
  • Kalustyans, 123 Lexington Avenue, NYC – Middle Eastern, Southeast and South Asian, Caribbean, Greek/Mediterranean (fresh curry leaves)
  • Kam Man Products, 200 Canal Street – Chinese products (dried sausage, dried seafood, tea)
  • Sahadi’s, 187 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn – Middle Eastern, Greek, Asian (olive oil, coffee, dried herbs, grains, nuts, dried fruit, cheese, dates)
  • Oriental Pastry and Grocery, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn – Middle Eastern (Middle Eastern cheese, grains, legumes, nuts, dried fruits, dates)
  • Patel Brothers, 37-27 74th Street, Queens – Indian products
  • Rio Bonito Market, 32-86 47th Street, Queens – Brazilian products
  • Udom’s Thai Indonesian Store, 814A Bayard Street, NYC – Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian products
  • Odyssey African Market, Brooklyn, 1124 Fulton Street – West African products (gari, Palm Wine)
  • East Village Cheese, 40 3rd avenue, NYC – Variety of cheeses

Odyssey West African Market
Patel Brothers (several locations throughout the US)
Thai Grocery Products Online

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