NYC Newspaper/Lonley Planet lists Suriname as top vacation destination for 2010!!!

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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

When I talk about Suriname to most people, they have no idea what I am talking about.  Most Americans have never even heard of it, so I was very impressed when it was listed as one of the TO GO places for 2010 in today’s Metro newspaper, one of New York City’s free local papers.
Lonely Planet has released it’s Lonely Planet’s Best Travel 2010 guide: “…this little country in South America had done a great job preserving their rain forest and using ecotourism to bring in people….”

 I have always known about Suriname because my grandfather was born there and periodically from the time I was a small child, my Surinamese family would come bringing with them a different language and cuisine.  They would always cook for us when they came to visit and I remember unique dishes like Pom (a casserole of chicken and tannia) and stuffed bitter melon.

A very multi-cultural society with large numbers of Indonesians, Indians, Chinese, Dutch and African descendants, you will find Hindu mandhirs, churches and mosques next door to synagogues.  Beautiful beaches, breath taking waterfalls, the Amazon rainforest, multi-cultural cuisine (like the duck food festival in the attached photo)!!!  Geographically South American but culturally Caribbean it truly is a unique destination!!!

It is wonderful that westerners are now beginning to appreciate this South American gem.  Plan Suriname for your next holiday and you will not be disappointed!!!

Chef Mireille
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