Floral Spice

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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Good Evening Everyone or should I say Good Morning (it is after
midnight, after all)
The next Global Tastes product I am highlighting is one of my blended
teas. The teas that I am selling are all loose teas.
Floral Spice is a 100% herbal tisane made with hibiscus, rose,
nasurtium, jasmine, honeysuckle, citrus and other spices. It is a
soothing tea with a pleasant, floral aroma and a naturally, sweet taste
that does not even need sugar.
This is my favorite tea, out of the entire selection!
By the way, I discovered a 1623 dictionary of culinary terms – great for
Trivia- I will be sharing with you some of the terms.
delibate – to sip
So you can try Floral Spice and delibate to your heart’s content.

Chef Mireille
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