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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Good Morning:

I think fall is finally upon us with the cool breeze here today. My computer faces a window and the cool breeze and bright sunshine facing me promises today is going to be a gorgeous day in the Big Apple today.

I am letting you guys in on one of the secrets of my new spice blends. Global Tastes & Travels’ Middle Eastern Gourmet Spice Blend is a gourmet mix of all those flavors that we associate with Middle Eastern food like garlic, cumin, parlsey and many other herbs and spices, but I am letting you in on the secret ingredient that gives it that special umph – Za’tar. Za’tar is used all over the Middle East from Lebanon and Turkey to Palestine and Israel. Although individual country recipes vary, the basics in them all is thyme, sumac, parlsey and sesame seeds.

The addition of Za’tar gives an almost lemony taste to food it is seasoned with, plus all of the other herbs adds zest to your food.

As with all my spice blends, they are 100% sodium free so they are a great way to season food for individuals on restricted diets.

Chef Mireille
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  1. I bought the Middle Eastern Spice Blend also and I’m very happy with it. Very delicious.

    Nice of you to share the secret of the Za’tar. Mireille you Roc !!

    I highly recommend this spice blend to everyone, middle eastern or not.

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