Chiles, Turmeric and Shrimp

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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Good Morning All:
Global Tastes & Travels Inc. Indonesian Spice Blend is the next one I am
going to give you some info about.
Among other herbs and spices, three of the main ingredients in it at
Chiles, Turmeric and Shrimp. It is made with dried Birds Eye’s chiles,
the most common chile used in Asian cooking. Shrimp is a main
ingredient in much Indonesian cooking. Even when vegetables and rice
are cooked, dried shrimp is also added to impart flavor. Turmeric is a
wonderful flavor and color additive. Fresh turmeric looks similar to
ginger, but has a much milder taste. Turmeric is a natural food
coloring used in many food products.
In addition to the wonderful marriage of flavors these products bring to
your table in the Indonesian Spice Blend, there are also great medicinal
values as well. In India, the art of Ayurvedic medicine is usually
handed down from generation to generation and there are studies done
where Ayurvedic medicine has shown to get rid of many life threatening
diseases such as cancer, using all natural products that the earth has
given us.
Turmeric is one of the most commonly used medicinal herbs in India.
There it is called haldi. Haldi is used as a preventitive course as
well as a curing agent in the following ailments: flatulence, jaundice,
bloody urine, menstrual pain, hemorrhage, toothaches, bruises, chest
pain, colic, childhood leukemia, cystic fribrosis, motion sickness,
nausea, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease. In some cases, parents have
exhausted all their $ going to traditional doctors who offered no help
and through the use of Ayurvedic medicine, cancers and other illnesses
have been cured in their children.
Chiles are rich in Vitamin C and also help to destroy bacteria and boost
So using this spice blend will not only add flavor to your grilled
meats, soups and stews, but it will also be doing your body some good as
Remember, time is running out – the preview sale prices only last until
October 11th!!!!

Chef Mireille
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  1. I had this Indonesian Spice Blend in chicken soup and on pork chops and man was it good !! The subtle shrimp flavor was surprising. Mireille you Roc !!

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