Coriander Crusted Brined Roasted Lamb

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Coriander Crusted Brined Roasted Lamb & Bell Pepper Coulis – Boneless brined and roasted leg of lamb is extremely tender, and a delicious addition to your Easter table! It features a coriander crust and bell pepper coulis for a bright and flavorful main dish.

Plate with Coriander Crusted Brined Roast Lamb & Bell Pepper Coulis

Spring is here and the spring holidays are just around the corner. Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter or both, it is traditional in both the Jewish faith and the Christian faith to eat lamb for these Spring religious holidays.

Why do we eat lamb at Passover and Easter?

The history of this tradition comes from the Passover Sacrifice when a lamb was sacrificed on the eve of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. Blood from the animal was sprinkled on the doorsteps of the Jews as a sign to God that he should bypass these homes as he went to slay the first born of the Egyptians that night.

I don’t subscribe to any organized religion and am hardly an expert, but I am a history fanatic and always find it educational and interesting to learn the history of the different religious traditions.

Whether you are eating lamb with bitter greens and matzah for Passover or eating it with a variety of tasty side dishes and a rich Easter bread like Armenian Choereg or this Finnish Paasiaisleipa for Easter, this flavorful lamb is a delicious addition to your holiday table.

What is brining?

Brining is a cooking method used to achieve super soft and tender meat. It involves pre soaking the meat in water with sugar, salt and spices for a minimum of a few hours and up to a few days.

Brining is especially good when the meat is going to be roasted. Since roasting is a dry cooking method, brining ensures soft and tender meat, regardless of the cooking time in the dry heat oven.

The meat literally just falls apart it is so tender!

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Check out some other brined recipes!

Here are some of the other recipes that I utilized this wonderful cooking method:

Coriander Crusted Brined Roasted Lamb

Like with most meats, brining a leg of lamb before roasting is the best way to have an incredibly flavorful dish. Once the leg has been placed in the solution and refrigerated, it needs at least 4 hours to properly brine. However, you can let the lamb brine for up to 2 days – the longer the better – for even easier prep and greater flavor.

What Ingredients You Need for Brined Lamb with a Coriander Crust

To make a simple, flavorful brine at home you need:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Seasonings: cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coarsely ground black pepper, crushed garlic cloves, allspice berry
  • Ginger
  • Lime

For the coriander crust you need simply need coriander seeds and black peppercorns. Combine these two ingredients in a spice grinder or coffee bean grinder whenever you get a chance. The crust seasonings will keep well for several days kept in a sealed container at room temperature.

What Ingredients You Need for the Bell Pepper Coulis

I have never been a fan of the traditional mint jelly with Easter lamb. Instead try this fresh and vibrant bell pepper coulis and I am sure this will become a new holiday regular on your table!

To make the bell pepper coulis you need:

  • Bell peppers
  • Garlic cloves
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
Coriander Lamb LR

Recipe Tips

  • Do prep work in advance. Make the solution and get the leg of lamb brining a day or so before you plan to roast for quick preparation. You can also make the coriander spice crust several days before using on the lamb.
  • After brining the lamb, be sure to pat it completely dry with paper towels. Water left on the leg will cause it to take longer to roast, which could wind up drying out the meat.
  • Roast the lamb for 30 minutes for a medium temperature, or for 1 hour for a medium well roast. You can reduce cooking time for a more medium rare lamb. Add more time if you prefer the meat to be well done.
  • Let the roasted lamb rest for at least 15 minutes before slicing. This helps keep the meat nice and juicy.

What to Serve with Coriander Crusted Brined Roasted Leg of Lamb

This spice-full main dish goes great with many sides. Serve roasted lamb with bell pepper coulis alongside a wild rice pilaf or roasted potatoes, and any number of delicious vegetables.

The coriander and black pepper in the crust pairs well with carrots, butternut squash, or even fresh and raw spring greens.

How to Store and Enjoy Leftover Roasted Lamb

Depending on the size of your holiday party, you might have some leftover coriander crusted brined roasted lamb. Kept in an airtight container in the fridge it will keep well for up to 4 days. Leftover lamb is delicious to use in a number of easy and tasty dishes, like on salads and in sandwiches.

So don’t be afraid to cook up the whole leg of lamb! You will likely be able to get 3- 4 meals out of the boneless leg of lamb!

Brined Lamb Roast with Bell Pepper Coulis Recipe
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Coriander Crusted Brined Roasted Lamb

Brining and then roasting lamb yields a super soft and tender meat. This roast leg of lamb is a perfect addition to your Passover or Easter table!
Prep Time4 hours
Cook Time1 hour
Total Time5 hours
Course: Lamb
Cuisine: Continental
Servings: 12 people
Calories: 347kcal


Coulis Ingredients

  • 2 bell peppers
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 cup mint leaves
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Remove most of the fat from the outside of the lamb.
  • To create the brine, heat 4 cups of water with the sugar and salt, until the sugar and salt dissolves.
  • Remove from heat and add 4 cups cold water.
  • Add cumin seed, fennel seed, black pepper, garlic, allspice berries, ginger and lime.
  • Add lamb, cover and place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and up to 2 days.
  • For the crust, combine coriander seed and peppercorns in a coffee/spice grinder. Grind to a coarse crumb.
  • Preheat oven to 450 F.
  • Remove the lamb from the brine and pat dry.
  • Brush the top with olive oil.
  • With your hands, pat the crust on the top of the lamb.
  • Place in a roasting pan and transfer to the oven.
  • Roast for 30 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 375 F.
  • Roast for 30 additional minutes for a medium well roast.
  • Reduce cooking time if you prefer your roast more rare and add cooking time if you prefer a well done roast.
  • Leave to rest for at least 15 minutes before slicing.
  • Meanwhile, combine the bell peppers, garlic cloves and mint in a food processor to make the coulis.
  • With the processor running, slowly add the olive oil until well blended.
  • Add salt and pepper, as needed.
  • To serve, slice roast and serve with leftover coulis.


Depending on the size of your holiday party, you might have some leftover coriander crusted brined roasted lamb. Kept in an airtight container in the fridge it will keep well for up to 4 days. Leftover lamb is delicious to use in a number of easy and tasty dishes, like on salads and in sandwiches.


Calories: 347kcal | Carbohydrates: 6g | Protein: 40g | Fat: 18g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 121mg | Sodium: 2478mg | Potassium: 639mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 785IU | Vitamin C: 27mg | Calcium: 39mg | Iron: 4mg
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