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Last Updated on July 9, 2022 by Chef Mireille

Imagine being able to taste the foods of such diverse countries like Bolivia, Finland and Oman in one month and not have to spend a dime on a plane ticket or a hotel room? Well I just did that last month. With my fellow Blogging Marathon participants, we picked a country beginning with each letter of the alphabet for 26 days last month. The one challenge was X. Since there are no countries that begin with X, we picked a city that began with that letter.

This was such an educational journey for me. Since history is my other favorite subject other than cooking, it was so interesting to learn about the history and cuisine of so many different countries, many never before explored by me…like Croatia and Greenland. I also discovered countries I never knew existed like Reunion Island…a French island in the Indian Ocean.

Soups from Ecuador…Cookies from Croatia…Street Food from Korea…Tea Time Snacks from Bolivia…Salads from Myanmar…I tried it all…

As the weather is starting to cool, this is a great guide to discover some new soups for the winter. I ended up doing a bunch of soups and hearty stews…anyway enough of the intro..let’s take a look back at the recipes I presented last month…so if you want to bring an International twist to your holiday dinners this year…here are some ideas!!!

Argentinian Lime Alfajores…Dulce de Leche Cookies

Bolivian CunapeTea Time snack

Croatian Paprenjaci…Black Pepper Cookies

Dominican Republic Habichuela con Dulce…Red Bean Pudding

Ecuadorian Beche de Pescado, Aji Criolla & Locro de Papa…Fish Soup, Hot Sauce & Potato Cheese Soup

Finland Pinaattiletut…Spinach Pancakes

Greenland Kalaallit Kaagiat…Sweet Bread

Honduran Torta de Platano…Cheese & Bean Stuffed Plantain snack

Indonesian Martabak & Pue Pukis…Sweet Street Food snacks

Jordanian Freekeh Soup…Chicken Green Wheat Soup

Korean Bindatteok…Mung Bean Pancakes

Laotian Chicken Noodle Soup…Curried Chicken Noodle Soup

Myanmar Chickpea Soup & Assorted Salads…Chickpea Soup with Chile-Garlic Sauce, Long Bean Salad, Carrot Salad, Shallot Oil and Fried Shallots

Nicaraguan Pinolillo & Maduros…Cornmeal Cocoa Drink and Sweet Plantain dessert

Omani Bamia Stew…Okra Goat Stew

Panamanian Yiyimbre…Gingerbread

Quatari Balaleet…Vermicelli Omelette Breakfast

Reunion Island Cabrit Massale & Lemon Citron…Goat Massala & Pickled Lemon

Spanish Basque Chicken…Stewed Chicken

Tanzanian Coconut Milk Black Eyed Pea Soup

Uruguayan Pasta Caruso…Pasta with Ham & Mushrooms in a rich cream sauce

Vietnamese Che Dau Xanh…Mung Bean Pudding

Welsh Glamorgan…Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage

Xavantina, Brazil Cuca de Banana…Banana Crumb Cake

Yemeni Foul, Khobz & Zahawiq …Fava Bean Stew, Flatbread & Hot Sauce

Zimbabwe Nhopi…Pumpkin Cornmeal Porridge

Chef Mireille

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  1. Mir, no wonder you are fond of history!..along with you I read so much history from your posts, I looked so much forward to them..Enjoyed all your posts and appreciate the efforts you always take for your posts…this is one great journey we have had!

  2. What a great read and a delicious round up of recipes! It’s wonderful to be a foodie as you can travel culinary without ever having to leave your home 🙂

  3. This sounds so fun and was such a great idea! What a good way to learn about a different country. So interactive. I love learning about different cuisines and cultures around the world too, and experimenting with their recipes. Thank you for sharing this!

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