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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

In recent years, airlines have started charging for everything from peanuts to even your first checked baggage. Some of them have absolutely no food or snacks available even for purchase – Air Trans – but you can buy all the alclohol you want!! No longer are the days of 2 checked bags for even just a 2 hour flight. The greatest incentive to pack light!!! These are additional costs that must be taken into account when you plan your vacations.

They seem to be changing every few months. I wanted to give you an informational update on the major airlines, as you plan your travels.

Checked Baggage Fees
Air Trans
$15.00 for 1st bag
$25.00 for 2nd bag
American Airlines
$20.00 for 1st bag
$30.00 for 2nd bag
These prices go into effect for tickets purchased on or after August 14, 2009
$20.00 for 1st bag
$30.00 for 2nd bag
You cans save $5.00 if checked online with Continental
$20.00 for 1st bag
$30,00 for 2nd bag
You cans save $5.00 if checked online with Delta
Jet Blue
No Fee for 1st bag
$30,00 for 2nd bag
United Airlines
$20.00 for 1st bag
$30.00 for 2nd bag
You cans save $5.00 if checked online with United
$20.00 for 1st bag
$30.00 for 2nd bag
You cans save $5.00 if checked online with USAirways
Northwest Airlines
$20.00 for 1st bag
$30,00 for 2nd bag
You cans save $5.00 if checked online with Northwest
Southwest Airlines
No Fee for 1st bag
No Fee for 2nd bag
Please note: these rules are for bags meetings the airlines lowest weight and size requirements. Additional charges are in place for oversized or overweight luggage.
Change Fee-Nonrefundable Tickets Only
1.United-$150.00 for domestic,$250.00 for international.
2.American-$150.00 for domestic and $250.00 for international.
3.Delta-$150.00 for domestic and $250.00 for international.
4.Continental-up to $150.00 and up to $250.00 international. It depends on what type of fare.
7.Jetblue -$50.00-100.00
1.United-Snacks include candy/chips/nuts for $3.00, snack boxes for $6.00, and salads/wraps for $9.00. Oh alcohol is $6.00
2.American-Snacks include crackers/nuts for $3.00 to $4.00, sandwiches for $6.00, and new Boston Market sandwiches and salads for $10.00.Alcohol is $6.00.
3.Delta-Free peanuts and cookies. Other snacks range from $2.00 Peanut M&M’s to $5.00 boxes to an $8.00 veggie salad with goat cheese and pine nuts. Beer IS $5.00 and other alcohol is $7.00.
4.Continental-Free snacks for flights over 2 hours and free meals at designated meal times for flights longer than 3 ½ hours .Alcohol is $5.00.
5.Southwest-Free peanuts or pretzels. Alcohol and energy drinks cost $5.00.
6.Air Trans-No Food. Alcohol is $5.00 for beer and wine $6.00 for other spirits.

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