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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

One of the reasons I love living in NY is the variety of cuisines we have. I have always said everything can be found in NY – you just need to know where.

Astoria is a predominantly Greek neighborhood in Queens. Just over the border it is very accessible from Manhattan.

Stuck in Astoria with some time to waste and starving, finding a good place to have lunch was on the agenda and it had to be air conditioned with the weather at almost 90 degrees. I found a cute little cafe called Pasha – a Bosnian cafe and grill. Who knew- Bosnia in Queens? Resembling Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine lots of grilled meats, a menu heavy with lamb and beef. I think the chicken and salmon (the only fish dish on the menu) is there only for our (American) benefit.

Instead of bread & butter on the table, you are greeted with warm pita and deliciously creamy and subtle hummus. I had the lamb kebab seasoned with lots of oregano and other herbs. Served with pita and a simple salad with olive oil and lemon. Delicious especially for under $7.00. And you cannot leave without trying their homemade yogur!.

So the next time you are in the mood for some simple homemade delicious food, hop on the N train get off at 30th Avenue and try the cuisine of Bosnia.

Chef Mireille

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