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Last Updated on September 30, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Social Media Tips, Food Blogger Social MediaThe last two days I have given you some tools to use to promote your posts in the most dynamic and visible ways by using Canva & Hootsuite. However, our goal is for as many people as possible to see our posts. The key to this is groups. Join Facebook and Pinterest groups.


Look for pinterest group boards and join them. Some will require reciprocity. For example in one of the group boards I post to, it is required to repin 2 other posts for every pin you post.

However, don’t do all your pinning at the same time. If you do this, then your followers will see your pins go across at the same time for the same recipe. Instead plan the pinning over several days at different times. You will then be more likely to reach more people. Here are the Pinterest food group boards I belong to, but there are dozens on Pinterest. Look for the ones that are of interest to you. If you have a blog that focuses on Gluten Free or Vegetarian, look for boards that are specific to your niche. Additionally, I have opened up some of my personal boards and switched them to group boards. Since someone has to follow you in order to pin to a board you’ve created, this is a way to get more followers.


There are tons of Facebook recipe sharing boards, but I have found it to be more effective to join groups that require reciprocity. Is it more time consuming? YES but that is the only way your post is going to get shared. Recently I have had a few of my posts reach 100 repins – a record for me! This happened because I posted to a Pinterest board that requires reciprocity, so its effective. Like they say, no pain no gain right? I am getting more Twitter shares etc. via the FB groups.

Here are a few of the ones I belong to, but again do your own research and join the ones you feel are the best for your goals.

Ok so now you know what to do to increase exposure…but how the heck do you keep track of this since most of us are not always going to have the time to do all this sharing at the moment we publish each post. I have a super easy way to do this using excel. Create two tabs in a spreadsheet. One for your social media posting and one to keep track of the Facebook groups that require reciprocity. Since most times I am not going to do all the sharing at the same time, I need to remember to go back so this is how I do it. I have uploaded the template I use as a Google Doc for you. Create this type of template in Excel and you will be able to easily keep track of the tasks as you complete them.

Since my goal in doing these social media posts this week is to help my fellow food bloggers grow their audience and produce an income, here is a link to my Pinterest board all about the business of blogging. Here you will find links to info from all over the web with useful tips to generate an income from all the hard work you put into your blog.

My Blogging Board

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 56

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  1. Very useful post Mir.Thanks for sharing it with us.Will come again to see the tips in detail.Enjoyed the marathon and all posts from you.

  2. I have an account in twitter but am not active there, but facebook works awesome for me..After reading this post, feel like using my twitter account atleast often..

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