The Moustache – NYC – Restaurant Review

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Last Updated on February 10, 2020 by Chef Mireille

The Moustache is an unimposing hole in the wall you would never expect to have the most mouth watering delicious Middle Eastern food. Located on a dark, side street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, it is very easy to walk right by it, especially on a cold, winter night.
The menu is a Middle Eastern fusion with food from Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Your standard hummus and tabbouleh is well represented. However, there are also deliciously unique entrees like the Ouzi ( basmati rice, vegetables, chicken, raisins and almonds baked in phyllo dough, served with tzatziki sauce). The boneless lamb ribs are not to be missed either. Bursting with herby flavor, you get a plate full of these ribs (definitely for the carnivore), served with a chopped salad and roasted tomato. You can get hummus and tabbouleh anywhere, so I suggest starting with the chickpea-spinach salad appetizer. In a tomato sauce base, with fresh mint, coriander and parsley you will keep on asking for more pita bread to soak up every last drop of this delicious salad!!!
And not to be forgotten are the pitzas, made with the freshly baked pita bread.
Fresh made lemonade, mint tea or Lebanese wine are perfect complements to anything you order.

You may walk up and down the block a few times trying to find the Moustache, but once you do, I promise you it will be worth the effort!!

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