How to Update Old Blog Posts for SEO

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How to Update Old Blog Posts for SEOBlogging Tips – How to Update Old Blog Posts for SEO – Here’s a quick guide to help you make your vintage posts SEO compliant

If you’re an old time blogger of at least 5 years, you probably have a lot of old posts that are not SEO compliant – before you knew there was a Yoast or about photo optimization. You may think I am NEVER going to get through all these old posts, but this is an important factor in increasing your Google rankings, so try to set a goal whatever your schedule can handle. – 3 a week, 10 a week – every post that becomes more SEO compliant is a benefit for you.

If you’re a food blogger, you may also want to update some old posts with new and improved photos. This is going to take more time, so even if you can’t update the photos, you should still be updating the SEO.

The more SEO compliant your posts are, the higher your Google ranking will be, the more people will see your content, the more traffic you will get!

So what do you need to do to make your vintage posts SEO compliant. You can use the checklist in this post as a guide but here’s a step by step.

Updating Old Posts

1 – YOAST – If you’re not using Yoast, you need to be. It is THE BEST SEO PLUGIN for WordPress. Follow their criteria for SEO.

  • Is your post at least 300 words?
  • Do you have in post links to other related posts?
  • Fill out your meta tags description and title for Google snippets

2 – Optimize your photos

  • Make sure Title and Alt Title match blog post title
  • Fill out description with hashtags

3 – Recipe Plug In

  • If you are a food blogger, you should be using a recipe plug in. Input your recipe into the plugin.

4 – Lead Magnet

  • Do you have a free download on your site to encourage subscribers? If you do, upload old posts with this information.

5 – Incorporate affiliate links and ads when appropriate

This is going to be a time consuming process, but even if you just commit to doing 5 a week, in a month you will have 20 complete and gradually your SEO score will improve, improving your Google ranking.


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