Customer Service Lacking at Paradou

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Last Updated on June 6, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Weekend Brunches are something me and my female friends love to do on Sunday afternoons – We imagine we are Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha chatting about the trials and tribulations of being single in NYC!
We were looking forward to our brunch at Paradou. We had heard great things about it and with unlimited champagne cocktails, we were ready for an afternoon of leisure. Well, this was not to be had at Paradou.
Two of my friends were a bit delayed for our reservation. The waiter was only doing what he was told and he was the nicest guy from South Africa and very personable, but he was taking directions from the hostess. We were told to try and call our delayed friends to take their orders because our table had to be vacated for a 12:45 reservation. I have been dining out for years in restaurants and I have worked in the restaurant industry and even if this is the case, you do not tell a customer that they have to be out by a certain time. I was speechless. Throughout the meal, we were continually rushed. The final straw was when they asked us if we were ready to leave yet and they had not even given us the check!
Finally, we could not take it anymore and spoke to the manager. He was apologetic for the hostess, however, he also said that it is just because it is a holiday weekend (this was Memorial Day weekend) and they have a lot of reservations. I do not care what day it is – you do not take more reservations than you can handle, so that the customers are herded in and out like cattle.
Although the food was very good, all I remember from Paradou is the poor customer service and that left a nasty taste in my mouth.
$29 may sound good for a brunch entree and unlimited champagne cocktails but when they are throwing you out after 2 cocktails, it does not sound so good anymore.
Paradou will not be experiencing my patronage again.

Chef Mireille
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  1. This is so so true!! Some of these restaurants over book. And they lack customer service. Let us bring back the customer service and cater to the people. Instead of overbooking and kicking people out before they even finish eat.

    Jacqueline McIntyre

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