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Last Updated on November 15, 2015 by Chef Mireille

A few months ago I was watching Anthony Bourdain and he was focusing on some local food places, favored by some famous food bloggers.  It was a show dedicated to food bloggers.  One place that really caught my interest was Co. aka Company.  It was started by Jim Lahey, owner and creator behind Sullivan Street Bakery, a NYC bakery, famous for its fresh baked breads.  I have not yet made a visit to the famed Sullivan Street Bakery, but I managed to organize a group of diners from the NYC Cooking & Dining Group to go and try Lahey’s unique pizza’s at Co.

As a baker, Lahey prides himself on the quality of his pizza crust.  He uses a no-knead dough.  He simply puts together the dough ingredients like a batter and then he lets in rest overnight.  The next day the dough is simply stretched to a round pizza shape and baked with delicious, varied toppings.  The pizza dough was perfect thin crust pizza.  The dough is seasoned well, creating a slight saltiness that added great flavor.  However, what makes the pizzas one of the best I have experienced in New York are the flavorful toppings.  There is great care taken in the seasonings of all the toppings, as well as the crust.  Although I am a meat loving carnivore, one of the vegetarian options was my favorite of the night – the Popeye pizza is topped with an ample portion of herb accented spinach, three types of cheese, garlic and black pepper.  Bursting with herbed flavors and fresh tasting spinach complemented the seasoned pizza crust.

This is one place that does NOT skimp on the toppings.  The charcuterie is topped with large portions of perfectly seasoned cured meats, however, I think the meats should be sliced a bit thinner, for more even distribution of the flavors.  The Mushroom & Jalapeno was another full flavored option.  The moisture from the mushrooms created a very juicy, flavorful pizza.  However, there needed to be more jalapeno,especially if you are going to include the ingredient in the title of the entree itself.  On each slice of pizza, there was maybe two extremely thin slices of jalapeno.  The title is misleading, as you would expect a spicy pizza and the Charcuterie was a spicier pizza with the peppered flavor of the cured meats.

Desserts were also done well.  The gelato sampler was a multi-flavored dish, well balanced with salty peanuts and sweet pomegranate.

Now I just have to make it to the Sullivan Street Bakery.

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