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Last Updated on June 6, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Chola is an Indian restaurant located on the Midtown East side of Manhattan. If you are a Bollywood fan, it is conveniently located 1 block from the Imaginasian Theater, one of the few theaters in Manhattan showing Bollywood films.

Lots of Chaat (street food favorites) and appetizers, you can have a delicious, varied meal just ordering some of these.There are large options for both vegetarians and vegans. They also had a very large Paneer entree section. One of the most varied menus of Indian restaurants – including Low Fat options and South as well as North Indian selections. Many things I have never before seen on a restaurant menu – Green Banana Varuval (plantains, mustard seeds, curry leaves, saambhar) and traditionally home made breads like Chappati and Lotus Raita (yogurt, fried lotus, cucumber, cumin).

There were so many unique options on the menu I will have to come back many times in order to try all of these. For my first visit, what stands out most is the Lasoni Cauliflower in a chili and ginger sauce (middle picture here).  The cauliflower had been stir fried before so they were nice and crispy, giving it texture. When these vegetables are in a lot of sauce, they can sometimes just disintegrate into the sauce if they are overcooked and they loose their texture.  Unless someone tells you, you would not know what vegetable it is. This is not the case at Chola, Each sauce is unique and everything was cooked to perfection – never overcooked!!!

Customer service is excellent. We were the last people in the restaurant and did not even realize it until one person in my party decided to go to the restroom. They were not rushing us out. They did not bring us the check before we asked for it, even though we had finished eating.Very friendly and accommodating staff added to the nice ambiance.

I have absolutely NO complaints about Chola and would recommend it to everyone – meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans – there is several options for everyone!!!

Chef Mireille

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