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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

 After hearing about this place for years, I finally tried this little Columbian bistro in the trendy Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate a birthday.  The must try item, on reputation, were the empanadas, with unique fillings like guava and cream cheese or salted cod with roasted corn and jalapeno.  These were all delicious, well seasoned and jumping with combination flavors.  Each empanada served with a different sauce, the chipotle tomato sauce was the best – like a mild salsa.  The guava sauce and avocado dressing were just as delicious.

Unfortunately, I cannot say I was as impressed with the rest of the brunch.  There are traditional Latin American options, as well as nouveau culinary entrees like plantain stuffed French Toast.  These were all tasty, but I expected more, with all the hype this restaurant has received.  My best friend was Colombian when I was a child.  I grew up on her mother’s food and this restaurant did not do justice to the complexities of Colombian cuisine.

For drinks, they have lots of tropical options like passionfruit mojito.  The problem was I could not taste the passionfruit.  Even when they supposedly added more passionfruit, I still could not taste the flavor.

Lastly, we were about to have coffee, until we were told there was a $2 charge per person for the cupcakes we brought for the birthday celebration.  Although I know this is standard policy at many restaurants, I don’t think it is a cost efficient practice.  The restaurant lost the sale of 6 espresso’s and cappuccino’s because of this additional charge.  I understand the reason for this fee when it is a cake, because of the service associated with slicing and serving the cake, but just for us to gobble up some delicious cupcakes?

I would come here for a quick empanada snack, but am not impressed with the rest of the brunch.  Perhaps their dinner menu is better???

Cafecita Bogota is the other Brooklyn Columbian spot to check out.  Hope that experience wows me more than this one did.

Chef Mireille
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