The Art of Spaghetti

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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

I have heard so many myths about the art of perfect pasta that does not stick. To salt or not to salt before – oil or no oil in water.

I am demystifing the art of perfect pasta for you.

First of all, pasta should not be crowded into a small pot. It should be cooked in a large pot, preferable a tall pot, like a stockpot, especially if you are cooking long pasta like spaghetti or linquine. Lots of water should be brought to a rolling boil. Pasta should only be added to the pot AFTER the water is boiling. Plenty of salt should be added to the water at this point. If you wait until after it is cooked to add salt, it simply coats the outside of the pasta, but the seasoning does not get into the pores of the pasta grain. For flavorful pasta that does not even need sauce, salt the water first.

NO OIL. Once you drain the pasta, if the pasta sits it will still stick. The key is to add some olive oil AFTER the pasta has been cooked and drained. This is to only way to keep each piece seperate.

Cook pasta according to package instructions, not a minute more, for perfect al dente pasta and enjoy!

Chef Mireille
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  1. The article the Art of Spaghetti. Is the best advice. I use it now and my spaghetti comes out the great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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