15 Asian Recipes – From Drinks to Dessert

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Last Updated on January 11, 2020 by Chef Mireille

15 Asian Recipes – From Drinks to Dessert and from Iran to Indonesia!

15 Asian Recipes - From Drinks to Desser

Here in the west when we say Asian cuisine, what comes to mind? China, Japan and Korea right? However, geographically speaking Asia is a large area stretching from Turkey to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. All of the Middle East is technically part of the Asian continent. Last month, me and some blogger friends got together to explore this vast region of the world that has such diverse cuisines.

The bloggers seemed to focus on sweet treats, with a few exceptions, so if you are looking to try some new desserts, definitely pin this post so you have it as a resource!

Hope you enjoy the journey and explore a new cuisine this week!




Loz (sweet)



Emirati Spice Mix


Boricha (16)

Bori Cha – Barley Tea



Sondesh (sweet)


Untitled design (4)

Papaya Lassi

Nellore Style Mutton Curry

Sri Lanka

Untitled design (5)

Sri Lankan Curry Powder

Minced Meat Rolls

Thala Bola (sweet)


Lychee LR 1

Lychee Juice


Lao Salad 3

Nam Khao – Rice Ball Salad


Vietnamese Coffee (29)

Vietnamese Iced Coffee



Malaysian Spice Mix


Bingka Telur, Indonesian Egg Pudding

Bingka Telur – (sweet)


Filipino Bread Rolls, Pan De sal

Pan De Sal

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