Restaurant Week at Industria Argentina

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Last Updated on June 6, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Industria Argentina is a Tribeca establishment that has a very diverse menu; not just your typical Argentinian bistro with everything in Chimichurri sauce.

A nice bar with signature drinks – like Green Apple-Orange Sangria.  The fruits are soaked in brandy and orange juice and are already properly drunk, when they are added to the wine.  The drunk fruits are the best part of the Sangria.

Even the limited Restaurant Week menu was very diverse with the Appetizer choices of sweetbreads, empanadas, or a carmelized onion and smoked provolone tart.  The Main course options included fish, duck and filet mignon.  Dessert options included poached pear, goat cheese cheesecake and Dulce de Leche tartufo.

The smoked duck, soft and delicious, was served with a unique quinoa risotto that was cheesy and moist and popping with flavor.

The desserts were also delicious – a heavenly Marscapone cream accompaniment made the Poached Pear a perfect end to this delicious meal.  The goat chese cheesecake was surprisingly mild with very little tartness.

The portions were small, typical at high end restaurants, but enough so that you felt content.  I did not have to eat again when I left, as has occurred in the past.

The one factor that put a blemish on the evening was the waitress from HELL.  It took 20-30 minutes for her to respond to any request we had – from a glass of water to seeing the Wine List.  The restaurant did become very busy as the evening progressed, but then they should schedule adequate staff during Restaurant Week – not to mention her lousy attitude as though we should feel honored being allowed the privilege to dine there. Just because it is Restaurant Week with a lot of clientele that normally would not come because of the price range is no reason to treat the guests in such a condescending manner.  She then proceeded to screw up our bill charging me the incorrect amount, causing my card to be denied.  Then she had tried so many times my bank blocked the card, for my fraud protection.  Luckily, I had funds available from another account. When I called the next day to clear up the banking/billing issues as my bank still had another charge from them pending, the manager was very attentive and apologetic, so I will not say the entire restaurant staff lacks Customer Service skills, but my waitress certainly did.

In short, for the food, I would definitely recommend getting a reservation at Industria Argentina the last couple of days before Restaurant Week ends and just pray you don’t get my waitress!!!!

Chef Mireille
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