Lucuma Ice Cream..Skinny Version!

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Last Updated on July 18, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Frozen fruit pulp is the best way to get exotic fruits that may not be available where you live, as mentioned yesterday.
The first time I tried Lucuma Ice Cream was at Urubamba Restaurant.  It is a Peruvian fruit that has an indescribable heavenly taste…kind of like a custardy mango  Once you taste it, it will become your favorite, as it has become mine. It’s the most popular ice-cream flavor in Peru. Lucuma Ice Cream is a rich ice-cream that is traditionally made with evaporated milk, heavy cream and many egg yolks.  Triple Rich.  I wanted to still be able to enjoy the delicious flavor of this unique fruit, but without all the triple-rich fats. Another plus to this recipe is it does not require an Ice-Cream machine.

Is it going to taste like the rich & heavenly creamy Lucuma Ice-Cream you get at Peruvian restaurants…no way! However, this is a still delicious way to enjoy this heavenly fruit, with a fraction of the calories, sugar & fat!  Lucuma is such a rich tasting fruit that you will not notice the difference!

Lucuma Fruit


Lucuma Ice-Cream

4 cups heavy cream
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
15 oz. Lucuma pulp, defrosted

Beat cream until you have a whipped cream consistency.  I beat using the whisk attachment with my Kitchen-Aid Mixer on speed 6 for 3 minutes.
Add sugar, vanilla extract and Lucuma Pulp.  Switch to paddle attachment and beat well until thoroughly combined, about 2 minutes.  With a rubber spatula, mix again a few times so that fruit pulp is thoroughly combined with the cream.
Place in a container with an air-tight lid in the freezer and freeze overnight.

Light, airy ice-cream..perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Visit the Latin Market in your neighborhood and try this delicious ice-cream with Lucuma fruit pulp…you won’t be disappointed!

If you’ve never had Peruvian food, I definitely encourage you to find a local restaurant near you or try making some of their specialties from this site.  Except for Suriname, where much of my family originates, it is my favorite South American cuisine.  One of the spiciest of Latin American cuisines, they cook with a lot of pepper pastes and have a varied cuisine with their Andean, African and Spanish roots.  They have given the world quinoa – the SUPER GRAIN!

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    • I think the fruit itself is only available in Peru…I personally have never seen or tasted the fruit itself…only the ice cream and things made with the pulp. You will need to go to a Latin American market that has a really varied selection or supermarket with good International section to find the pulp.

  1. Lucuma is totally new to me, but it sounds delicious. My husband's travelling to Peru and I've already told him to try this ice cream. Thanks for sharing these authentic dishes.

  2. Wow Mireille, you introduce us to new dishes that we would have never seen or heard. Love the recipe and just bcoz they introduced quinoa my fav grain…I'm on search of a local Peruvian restaurant ….

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