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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Galangal, aka as Laos is a common ingredient used in Thai cooking, as
well as in other Southeast Asian cuisines like Indonesian and Malaysian.
It is very similar to ginger in appearance, but it is softer and can be
chopped and used in curries and stews, without peeling. It also has the
floral pungency of ginger, but to a lesser degree. This along with a
myriad of other flavors is what makes Thai cuisine so unique. Many
subtle flavors added together create this WOW in your mouth, that many
of us find so irresistible.
It is very difficult to find fresh galangal. There is only 2 places I
know of in New York City, the international food capital of the world,
that carries fresh galangal. They are both in Chinatown – Asia Market
Corporation at 71 1/2 Mulberry Street and Bangkok Center Grocery at 104
Mosco Street.
My Thai Spice Blend that I have developed is a wonderful mixture of all
the flavors that make Thai cuisine unique – Kaffir Lime Leaves,
Galangal, Lemongrass, Chiles, Peanuts and Coriander. Due to the
uniqueness of these products, this is the most costly one to produce and
therefore, it is the most expensive blend of the Global Tastes &
Travels’ spice blends. So now is the time to order it at the discount
rate!! Time is running out.

Chef Mireille
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