Egyptian Foie Gras

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Last Updated on May 20, 2015 by Chef Mireille

Since I do advertise myself as the Gourmet Global, I am always educating myself on different lands – not only the cuisine, but the culture as well.
When I purchase cookbooks, I do not only look at the recipes but I actually read cookbooks. I love learning about the culture – languages, festivals, religions, traditions – this give me insight so that I then can create my own original recipes using ingredients native to the particular cuisine I happen to be reading about. I like cookbooks that have huge introductions where I can learn so much more than just the recipes can teach me.

On that note, I am currently reading – The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa by famed Aquavit chef, Marcus Samuelsson who was born in Ethiopia but adopted by Swedish parents when he was 3.

I am learning about the differences in the cuisines of the different regions of Africa. An interesting note I discovered while reading his introduction is that foie gras, bread and beer were all invented in Egypt. I knew about the bread from the Bible, but I was especially surprised to learn that foie gras was invented here because I associate foie gras most with the French (especially after my recent trip to Paris).

When I make it to Egypt, I will have to remember to take note if foie gras is as predominant on the menus as it was in France because in all my readings about Egyptian cuisine I have never noticed foie gras being a part of it. I haven’t yet gotten to the recipes part of the cookbook – maybe it is even in the cookbook. I find it interesting that the French are known for something created in Egypt (although it might have been created by the French in Egypt).

Anyway, that is my little bit of trivia for today!

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