Bourbon Street Bar & Grille – NYC

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Bourbon Street Bar & Grille – NYC – a New Orleans themed restaurant located on Restaurant Row.

Bourbon Street Bar and Grille is a restaurant located on NYC’s Restaurant Row.  Authentic architecture does remind you of New Orleans’ French Quarter.  They have a wonderful outdoor dining area upstairs and on a beautiful sunny day, as it was on Saturday, it was the perfect setting to enjoy brunch and get a suntan at the same time.  Unfortunately, the poor service put a slight damper on the day.

If you are going to advertise unlimited mimosas during brunch, it should not take 20+ minutes to receive each one.  Rather than having pitcher’s of the pre-made brunch cocktail, having to wait for them to be made individually on a busy afternoon, is just not time efficient.  If everyone at the table is having unlimited mimosas, it makes more sense to leave a pitcher on the table.  Secondly, one person in my dining party was in a rush and upon arrival, she attempted to ask the hostess if she can place her order right away.  Neither the hostess or the waitress would take her order.  They insisted she sit down first at her table and then she had to wait another 20 minutes for them to take her order and then another 1/2 hour to deliver her burger, which she had to gobble up in 5 minutes.

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They have changed their way of making Smothered Chicken and Biscuits.  They have changed the large chicken pieces to diced chicken and now the dish lacks depth and texture. The “blackened” shrimp that was supposed to come with the salad was not blackened  and was unevenly cooked.  Some were overcooked and others were not quite cooked thoroughly. Omelette of mushrooms, spicy ham and parmesan cheese were a great combination of flavors, although it was a bit overcooked.  The redeeming factors were the wine list and the white chocolate bread pudding, which had many layers of flavor and was the perfect consistency of French bread pudding which is more like a custard then loose pieces of bread, as in American bread pudding.  The spiced chantilly cream and white chocolate complemented this dish perfectly.  This decadent dessert almost made up for the poor service.

One thing I must complement them on is their lingering policy.  They will allow you to leisurely spend your whole afternoon there, lingering on drinks, long after brunch is finished.  Not the slightest attempt to try to rush you or clear the table for the next round of diners.

Slow service and average food does not leave me impressed with Bourbon Street.

Urubamba Peruvian Restaurant is the next place I will be sampling.  I hope they leave me more impressed than my last two dining experiences have been.


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