Blogging Tips – Tripling Your Social Media Reach in 1 month

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Last Updated on February 12, 2018 by Chef Mireille

Blogging Tips - Tripling Your Social Media Reach in 1 monthBlogging Tips – Tripling Your Social Media Reach in 1 month – Here are the strategies I used to triple my Social Media Reach in 1 month!

I’ve made a lot of changes to the blog and my overall online presence in the last month and in most areas my engagement has tripled, so in today’s post I’m sharing with you some tactics I’ve been using. Applying these tactics will definitely increase your engagement. Depending on what stage your numbers are right now, you will see different rates of change, but your numbers will increase!!!


Result – Tripled the amount of new followers I usually get in a month
Start going LIVE, group sharing and publishing new content as FB videos. LIVE and video are king and queen right now on Facebook. FB is really pushing these platforms. More of your audience and new audience will see your posts if you are publishing LIVE or video content. You must decide with your schedule on the frequency but this what I do. Since I am a food and travel blogger, I incorporate both into my LIVE broadcasts.
My LIVE Schedule
Every Tuesday at 2pm – FB LIVE Recipe Tutorial
Every Tuesday at 8:30pm – FB LIVE #TravelTipTuesday

Instead of just publishing new content links, I create videos out of my post photos using the FB platform with some of the posts.
Sharing new blog posts in at least 8 groups.
All of the above has increased my reach and engagement.


Result – Tripled my post impression rate
Using the right hashtags. Republish old content using holiday hashtags and any other appropriate hashtags. Despite me being the least active on Twitter than any other social media profile, the use of hashtags has increased my reach.
Ideas for current hashtags:
Have any Korean recipes – With the Olympics going on, try #teamusa, #olympics, #olympics2018
Mardi Gras is tomorrow. Tag photos with #mardigras #fattuesday #shrovetuesday #neworleans
Chinese Recipes? Friday is Chinese New Year. Tag #chinesenewyear #lunarfestival #lunarnewyear #chinesenewyear2018


Result – Quadrupled the amount of new followers I usually get in a month

Post at least 3x daily
Use all of Instagram’s vehicles:
Like, Comment and Follow others


Result – Tripled the amount of repins
Use Tailwind to schedule both your own content as well as others and utilize Tailwind Tribes.
Post to Pinterest Groups.
Schedule new posts a minimum of 5 times.


After my pageviews had been at a standstill for several months, a couple of thousand extra pageviews this month!

Blogging Tips - Tripling Your Social Media Reach in 1 month

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